Radical Reciprocity

“Sharing is a good thing to do, it is a very human quality. To be able to share, to have something worth sharing, gives dignity to the giver. To accept a gift and to reciprocate gives dignity to the receiver. To create something new through that process of sharing is to recreate the old, to reconnect relationships and to recreate our humanness.”

– Linda Tuhiwai Smith


++ Reciprocity Structure ++

Capitalism hurts us all by making things like healing work inaccessible to the many that truly need it. As a person striving to do as much healing in the world as possible, I must find a balance between making money to survive in late stage capitalism and ensuring that the work that must be done is done without limitation. For that reason, I have created the following set of payment options in an effort to remain fed and housed while also accessible.

That Mean Green: If you are willing and able to pay in financial capital (aka good ole’ US Dollars), I have a sliding scale option available. This payment option ensures my housing and nourishment are taken care of so the work can continue.

Please pay whatever is the most comfortable and feels genuinely fair to you. Know that if you can pay the higher end of the scale, you are helping make sure those who cannot are still able to get support.

+ Individual Sessions
Prices listed are the base value for each service, followed by the sliding scale option. If it still feels out of reach, please contact me directly.

60 Minute Embodied Counsel Session (in person or over the inter webs): $120.00 (Sliding Scale starting at $60)

Alternative Economies

– Referrals: If you like what we do together and get a friend in contact with me, I am happy to offer a single session in exchange for a new client.

– Energetic Exchange: Do you do healing or bodywork as well? I’m open for direct exchange!

– Nourishment: My hope is that our work together is nourishing to your body and soul. Offerings of organic food and herbal medicine are definitely welcomed – especially if you grow/harvest it yourself!

-Whatcha Got? I’m open to having a wide range of exchange negotiation talks. If you have less cash than the sliding scale, but can supplement it with a barter item, let’s talk. If you work on cars, repair sinks, make beautiful art, or do amazing things in the world (which I know you do) we can work something out. Don’t let money stop us from working together!