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Nothing brings me more joy than the opportunity to dive in deep with people and hold space for profound transformation. Whether you’re looking for group work or one-on-one, we can find the right fit that allows your truest version to come forth. Check out what folks have said about working with me – then let’s talk and see what we can find together.

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Kind words from those I’ve worked with…


I’ve taken yoga regularly for many years with a wide range of teachers. Tayla truly is exceptional, a natural-born teacher. She’s amazingly knowledgable, a one-of-a kind teacher. Tayla  deeply understands both the physical and mental aspects of yoga .She’s excellent for beginners to super-advanced students. From downward dog to sun salutations, I love Tayla’s rejuvenating, invigorating, inspirational classes. 


Tayla Ealom is a very knowledgeable yoga instructor with a very warm demeanor. She knows which poses are meant to build certain muscle groups, where the difficulty might lie for students, and how to instruct us to modify the poses when necessary. She keeps one’s interest in her class by changing poses in practically every class. I was continually discovering new poses that really made the classes delightful for me. Having a thorough knowledge of how the body works means that she can explain as she teaches so her students are not just running through the poses mechanically. Her studies in somatic psychology are also reflected in her teaching. On the spiritual side,Tayla really knows how to include us in her own emotional and spiritual explorations as she relates them to our yoga practices. That she has a very melodious voice, a sense of humor, and a clear connection to a loving heart, makes the class meaningful and enjoyable. I hope you have a chance to study with Tayla!!:) 


During my session with Tayla, she stayed present and focused with me. It was an open dialouge of what each other was experiencing, and that allowed me to be aware of mental and emotional baggage that was manifesting as pain or feeling ‘blocked’. During the massage, we both shared ideas, images, and physical triggers that came up. That awareness helped me release so much tension and emotion from my body. The whole session I felt safe and comfortable, even during times I was intensely emotional. She really held my hand throughout the process, and her gentle myofascial manipulation was so relaxing and a huge relief! I was able to breathe better, felt less stress in my back, and most importantly I felt happiness and emotional/spiritual lightness! 


 Uncomfortable Grace: Learning the Dance of Embodied Oppression 2017: Anonymously Curated
– “Oppression workshop with Tayla: WOW!!!! I couldn’t believe how much pain my body was able to access, how much wisdom my body was able to access. The soothing voice of Tayla that allowed for the access. The necessity to recognize my own oppressive tendencies to myself.”
– “Tayla’s movement piece on inner oppressions was incredibly powerful, esp. grounding the Friday night council. I have a hard time finding words for her piece because it was such a deep somatic language. It just was incredibly powerful.”
– “Lastly, I was so moved by the “Uncomfortable Grace” session. I held the experiential, somatic sensations of embodying oppression very tenderly in my heart during the exercises. I found myself riding waves of rage, sadness, shame, grief, and I found expansiveness, hope, commitment, and love come into my existence as a result. The reminder to look around the world with “owl eyes” was also a wonderful reminder to look beyond myself in an intentional way that really seeks to take in information in a way that is rooted in my own body awareness. These ways of seeing, feeling, and be-ing in this relational world felt so potent, relevant, and vital to me especially at this time when our collective reality is such a reflection of our country’s histories of oppression and so many are not given opportunities, spaces, or recognition to feel their experiences.
– “Tayla’s workshop Uncomfortable Grace. I think this was one of the most powerful parts of the weekend for me. Of course, there was an arc to everything, and it probably wouldn’t have been as powerful without the council the night before. The whole flow of everything was pretty perfect. But for me this workshop was so potent because we were led through an exercise that not only deeply illuminated the issues we are facing globally right now as a collective, but the most powerful part for me was that, with our bodies, we were able to script our way OUT of this mess. It was SO potent and has stuck with me in a big way and impacted the way that I relate to people in minority groups.”
– “To experience this guided piece gave me hope that something I have felt for a few years now not only could be possible, but that it would and could strengthen us as women and as community. That women’s work can bridge what our inner work is, with the outer work of the world. That we can grow beyond what I feel has become a rather narcissistic model of women’s work. It shows me that some women’s groups are not tone deaf to what is happening in the world, and that we can find a new definition about what strengthening the ‘core’ really means.  This kind of work, for me, has the soul satisfaction that comes from facing, rather than by-passing. That we can cry the tears that come from the river of life, within the times we live in, the challenges we must face and engage with. That there is a group of women’s work that are willing to look beyond their own blinders of their personal and collective privilege to face the world we live in 2017. I am someone informed and engaged with social justice work, but this was my first experience to engage with this great body of work in a somatic/ movement based way. To be able to be with the grief that moves through our bodies is so important. I have done a few grief rituals, and I felt that this piece also took us into the grieving of a women’s heart that is awake to the world, that we don’t have to close our eyes to the suffering & oppression in the world to feel safer, or to make us stronger. And the beauty and grace of doing this in physical shared space with other women is what I consider sacred space. I have been wishing to find a group of women that could go this deep, and truly decolonize and open beyond our privileges. Thank you so much for guiding this piece. It was one of the highlights of the retreat for me.”