My Offerings.

When you really think about it, we all have more to offer than we really know. The more work you do on exploring your own truth, the more you start to understand your role in the bigger picture.

For more information on these offerings, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions Page

If so inclined, get in touch – let’s make something magical.

+ Somatic Therapeutic Counseling : Virtual Counseling Sessions


Great for folks struggling with: problematic mood imbalances, depression, anxiety, PTSD/trauma and the many complications of living in modern civilization.

Embodied Counsel is an approach to unpacking life’s mysteries and our individual life paths through the body. Using principles from Hakomi, Ecopsychology and Somatic Psychology, this interpersonal form of counseling allows you to dive deep into your internal world and untie the knots that have limited your access to free movement of love, peace, acceptance, and engagement. By awakening the fire within, we will work together to deliver you to the current moment with a toolkit of skills and resources designed to help navigate the ever changing world we inhabit. This confidential process brings you back to your skin so you can exists as a joyful expression of life. We will find and free your wild inner being, the one that knows how to flow in the tides of life without reservation.
**These sessions are available online.**

You can always expect:
• Attentiveness
• Confidentiality
• Compassion
• New Discovery
• Non-Judgemental Care
• Positive Regard


+ In Touch: Intuitive Bodywork: In Person Sessions in Marquette, MI

Great for folks struggling with: Old injuries, new injuries, back/neck/head injuries, chronic pain, limited mobility, general aches and pains, trauma, and the many complications of living in modern civilization.

In Touch Intuitive Bodywork is a form of physical manipulation that incorporates principles from cranial-sacral therapy, Rosen Method, Swedish and Thai massage, yoga, breathwork, ecospychology, Western Herbalism and Somatic Psychology in a way that helps to bring consciousness to all parts of the body. Working in this way allows for deep emotional release while making space for increased self-intimacy, self-understanding and self-compassion. Throughout the process, you and will use sound and language to help give understanding and meaning to points of contact, allowing you to get in touch with yourself in new and meaningful ways. Following our combined intuition, we’ll find the healing pathways of your unique body, mind and spirit.

• Essential 15 minute check-in about various aspects of life before beginning touch session.
• 60 – 90 minute Touch Sessions
• Includes one 30 minute follow-up session as needed for integration approximately one week later (typically over the phone)

Please be sure to include your name, contact information and the services that interest you. Thanks!

Rates upon request.
Cancellation 24 hrs.

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