~ harvest humbly ~

i had the privilege to wander through the woods quietly this morning near the South Fork of the Yuba River. this place is humbling and quieting…and brings me into so much clarity, it’s hard to despair the struggles of the world – inside and out – when faced with such unrelenting beauty. i’m here in CA for a brief period of transition as i start to make moves toward relocating out of state. it’s been a time of closure, of reflection, of challenge and celebration – it’s been ten years of life in California coming to a close…

it’s a strange thing, ending. i’ve come to acknowledge that i haven’t been the best at endings in my life. when i hear a call or feel an impulse to move toward change, i have a habit of listening and acting quickly to honor the impulse – often at the sacrifice of finding true closure with all those i’ve been in relationship with. that which i leave behind can then have a sense of linger with the stories left unresolved, the impacts unacknowledged, and the love and gratitude unexpressed. i don’t assume to be the only one in this experience, and i’m leaning into the teachers that know how to end in a different way than i do. teachers that know how to come to closure, how to negotiate the good-bye in a way that honors all that has come to pass, in a way that feels less like running.

today, i returned to the Yuba to hear her teachings, i made my way into a mugwort field to learn the wisdom they wanted to share, and sang to them all as i collected medicines from the land. three plant allies invited me into reflection and lessons of relationship. the lessons came in short sentences, one’s to hold inside until they unravel story. i feel moved to share them here as they were shared with me…

mugwort said: before you can move into relationship with me, clear your heart of its ache. remember the power of putting your pain on others. ~~ sing to me from your heart, stand into the sacred being that you are. ~~ follow the path of least resistance.

cedar said: come to me in times of need ~~ sing my song, the one without words, the one of our souls ~~ take only what you need ~~ boundaries are about protecting what is sacred, not rejecting what is disliked.

california bay laurel said: endings are about releasing what no longer serves, so don’t force yourself to cut off that which is of deep service. discern to know the difference. ~~ keep close that which nourishes. ~~ follow the path, witness how I line the way, offering cleansing so you can walk with ease.~~ what makes one dangerous is not their medicine, but others being in relationship to that medicine in craving. they try to take too much and it brings them harm. be in integrity by knowing the limits of your medicine and communicating them so it can always be used to heal and not harm.

yuba said: be still.

 ~ harvest with humility ~

these teachings all strike something deep within me…and i have not yet the words to share how they are being integrated. but i offer them here for perhaps they are medicine for you too. perhaps these are reminders we all need.





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  1. Tayla, thank you for your beautiful insights. I wish you well on this next part of your journey. May I ask where you’re headed? Be well.


    • Thanks so much for all your support Elaine!

      I hope you’re doing well. We’re relocating to Michigan – the waters and the land are calling. I’m excited to share in the next leg of the journey!

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