The Coffee Contemplations – Vol. XV : Patience


I don’t know about y’all, but patience is somewhat of a challenge… and that’s putting it as sweetly as possible. Everyday, I butt up against my inability to practice patience.. whether it’s waiting for the bus, my food to be in my mouth, or this virabhadrasana 1 to end, there is always that moment when I don’t want to wait anymore… that sensation of anxiety that wells up starts to change not only my mood, but my perception of reality. Lost in the sense that this waiting could last forever, I tend to default to two actions; frustrated agitation and physical holding and gripping or fully committing to distraction (usually with facebook or instagram – often on my cell phone). Both of these habits push my body into sustained discomfort and allow me to ignore the current moment in all it’s glory…

We live in a confusing time, don’t we? We can find entire websites dedicated to quotes and practices that encourage and guide us to cultivating more patience in our lives, but if the site doesn’t load in less than .0005 of a second, it’s going too slow. It’s as if patience should also be instant. Cultivation and harvest is something you can download.. We are in a time of instant gratification and deep yearning for slow cooked peace and love. You really can’t have both, and I think that we’re finding the instant version doesn’t hold a candle to the slowly created. Yet, we can’t help but want instant patience.

The amazing thing about patience is that it takes time. Time to cultivate, to experience, and practice. When you’re impatient for the bus, you have to be patient with yourself and take your time in undoing that anxiety to come into the current moment and experience it.

My invitation to you is to stop seeking how to be patient. I’m not here to tell you how. I’m here to remind you to be. Be present. Be involved in NOW in all it’s glory and to enjoy it. And when your feeling antsy, take that opportunity to practice being in the moment. See what sticks. Tell me what you find.





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