The Daana Days – The Power of Healing


As some of you well know, I am in the process of putting together what is going to be a really incredibly healing container called The Daana Days​ – a Two Day SILENT Healing festival that is an opportunity for us to come together and experience internal healing within the context of community, to be seen as we heal, and allow ourselves to be supported in the process. This shines forward our potential as beings to heal old wounds, to remember our wildness, connect to ourselves and to each other in a very honest and courageously vulnerable way, and above all – to heal ourselves. To give ourselves permission to take the pain and anger we’ve been holding onto and bury it into the earth. Silently looking at ourselves and simultaneously being in a space to see each other, this is really an offering of moving in and out of the singular experience of our being and the group experience of the community – the other living and breathing being that will heal in the process.

We have to start taking our healing seriously. We live in a time of genuine crisis. Food has gone from medicine to poison as the virus of GMO infiltrates our bellies. Humanity has gone from community to criminal as we deepen our fear of the other and perpetuate this limiting belief that we are somehow separate from nature. Water – our most precious resource – has been abused into scarcity. The list goes on. In these genuinely horrifying times, if we as individuals and communities have not taken the steps to fortify our beings – our bodies, minds and spirits – we will not withstand the blasts of fear and pain that we face. If we do not have the strength to look inward and mindfully write our own stories anew, we will never have the power or energy to look outward and write a hopeful human story. My hope with The Daana Days is for each and everyone of us to look inward, to do the work, to offer ourselves to the process of writing the new story, and then to reflect on how it’s informed the community we’ve experienced it in and recognize our power. We can – and WILL – then reemerge into the larger community with tools for healing and start to change the course of our futures.

We cannot unwrite the past, but we can hold it compassionately and stop putting anger, guilt, frustration, and shame into the past stories and start putting love, peace, compassion, and tenderness into our future stories. We receive whatever we are willing to put in. We cannot heal the planet if we do not know how to heal ourselves.

You are sacred and infinite. Your power to transmute, transfer, and transform energy into love and light is vast. Join me this summer to expand your container, to remove your old limiting beliefs and harmful stories in order to make room within yourself for new stories, power, energy, and change.

We need you.

Come Gather.


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