Thankful Thanksgiving – 5 Ways to Feel Happy, Healthy and Grateful!


Thanksgiving is a FANTASTIC holiday. Even with all this gratitude flying out of our noses, as a society, we often find ourselves forgetting the Thanks and end up Giving into rich food, feisty conversation, and long naps. While all of these things are fun, practicing with balance and gratitude is really what this holiday is all about. If you want to feel Happy this Thanksgiving, try these tricks for a more Thankful Thanksgiving.

1. Set an intention : Spend at least 10 minutes on Thanksgiving morning to set an intention of gratitude and focus deeply on the things you are grateful for. Make a point to start your day with appreciation and allow it to permeate the day as you make your way to the family, friends, and loved ones.

2. Do Yoga! Thanksgiving is among the days you actually need it most. Do your practice, take a jog, keep your fitness routine up! Thanksgiving is a day to remember all our blessings and embrace that which brings joy and bliss into our lives. Yoga should be on that list! Thanksgiving is a reason to do yoga, not an excuse to avoid it.

3. Mindful Eating : This is the hard one in general.. For me anyway.. But then you see all the treats and somehow, we just go insane. All those delights and treats. Enjoying food doesn’t always mean we have to go overboard! Load up on veggies and reduce (don’t restrict – have some forgiveness.. it’s pumpkin pie) the sugar intake. Try to enjoy the day by loading up on the good stuff. Avoiding food coma is something to be grateful for.

4. Get some sleep : Try to rest BEFORE the holiday. Don’t walk into any large gathering of loved ones tired, we all know it’ll just lead to irritability and the familial short fuse. Get some sleep to walk in renewed and refreshed! Everyone will be thankful for that.

5. Write a gratitude letter : Write a letter offering thanks to anyone that has supported, inspired or pushed you to be better, stronger, and wiser. Deliver it in person if you can and let them know how much they’ve helped you. Expressing gratitude is better than any pumpkin pie! The ultimate, share the letter with a slice of pumpkin pie… (did I just blow your mind?)

I feel that Thanksgiving is among the most beautiful holidays and I hope we can all make the most of it. Time is limited – don’t waste a single breath.

I am thankful for you!

May you have a Happy, Healthy and Grateful Thanksgiving!



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