Meet Alon.


Alon is among the kindest, most generous, talented and…silliest of people I’ve been honored to know and love. The brightness in his eyes is eternal, the genuine love in his heart is freeing, and his dedication to friendships is refreshing. This man whom I’ve known only a short two years has taught me so much about life and living and I literally cannot thank him enough for that.

If you don’t know Alon, I invite you into his brightness.

I first met Alon about two years ago when he started at Luma as an animator. Over the course of those two years, Alon and I became close as kin. I learned at Luma that animators have all the fun. They tap deeply into their inner child and are able to keep the connection with their youth and child-eye alive and well throughout adulthood. Alon is no exception to this rule – at times, he’s the example of this rule. His wonder and curiosity are contagious and inspire me to constantly look deeper at each thing I dive into. To commit without reservation to the act and gift of learning and exploring. His curiosity and exploration are what make him such a talented artist as well as that one friend that always has something new and fun to share. It’s been an honor to watch him grow more and more into the artist he’s destined to become.


Not only that, but Alon is such a gift to anyone that is his friend. He’s taught me what it means to be honest, what it means to be patient, and what it means to be gracious. I recall him once thanking me for something, and for a long time my response to thank you was “of course”. He asked me why I don’t just say “You’re Welcome.” The more I thought about that question, the more I understood why he would ask it. Our habit of treating each act of giving as though it’s “not a problem” or typical by stating “of course” depletes the value not only of the act, but makes the relationship and the recipient a little less special. Whether or not he meant that or it was purely from a place of that curiosity, I’m actually not clear. But, his willingness to just ask inspired me then, and still does, to honor things as they are and think more about what I say and why.

I have Alon to thank for my journey up to the bay, for support when I needed it most, and for a genuine belief in my ability to be who I am. He may think I’m a hippie, but deep inside, he’s more of a hippie than I can ever hope to be simply because he’s present, he’s mindful, and he’s loving from a place of pure truth. I can’t thank him enough for all he’s done for me.

Alon – my dear friend and brother – I wish you the safest travels and best of luck on your new adventures to London and beyond. You deserve all the happiness in the world. Thank you.  10477726_10102318729843703_630171254_o

I love you.

| namaste |


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