Meet @thesageface


Last month, I left you with Mikki – the sun to our morning glories. Today, I wanted to introduce you to her masculine half, Chris.

I first met Chris through Luma. Somewhat of an urban legend to the newbies, Chris worked at Luma before my time and no one ever thought he would come back. But in 2011, he did just that as my direct supervisor. At first, I wasn’t sure what to expect. There’s always a little worry or reservation that comes up when you’re about to on-board a new boss. But after that very first lunch we had as a new team, I knew there was nothing to worry about – they’d hired an intellectual and technically inclined hippie with a deep historical understanding of the company I had been helping run for the past year. I was not relieved, I was stoked.

Over the course of the next 3 years (give or take), I had the absolute pleasure of working with Chris directly on a large range of projects. Not only was it beautiful to have his support, but it was also lovely to have someone on the same vibrational wavelength to share successes, failures, and freak outs with. It’s truly because of him that I was able to get through so many uphill battles, so many challenges, so many exciting revelations, and so many twists and turns. A renaissance man in true contemporary form, anytime I felt in doubt, he was around to help me crawl up and out.

If you don’t know Sage, I invite you into his current.

Chris Sage is among one of the most dynamic people I’ve been lucky to know. He’s incredibly intelligent and thoughtful, conscious and tuned in, talented, humble, meticulous and free.. I don’t really know how to explain all he does. While working at Luma – he was able to do it all – design a website, a t-shirt, work electrical wiring, edit demo reels, understand the legality of creating a brand new international entity, and market and brand. He also hand crafts BEAUTIFUL women’s jewelry  – Sageface Designs. “Known for his attention to detail using raw cooper metals and fine gemstone. Chris Sage hand shapes each piece that embodies and ethereal and earthy look.”

I mean, it’s just bizarre in the best way possible. He just knows stuff. He just does stuff. And well, I might add. On top of all that, he’s just a nice guy that wants people to be happy and have friends. It was Chris that invited me out of my shell and into the world of tea and tea people. He showed me the power and importance of community. He must have known that I was in a place that required permission before the first step forward could be taken, and without hesitation, he granted it. I’ve been freaking freely ever since. 559391_10153010783353532_1598903547_n

He’s now working in a new VFX facility and is the other half of The Haus of Sages with my dear friend Mikki, serving tea and his community all over Venice. It’s such an honor to befriend a man that inspires greatness women.. that’s a radical thing.

Sage – you’re partly to  blame for all of this.


Thanks bro.

| namaste |


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