Meet Terry.


Terry is my loving and abundant grandpa. His jovial laughter and strange sense of humor is a glue that has held this tribe together. For most of what I can remember, my grandfather was always there as this reminder of what it means to actually be supported. His yearly pilgrimages to pick up family members across the country so they didn’t have to fly, dedication to spending time helping friends that were down on their luck, and creating a safe space for his community to come gather and share stories are things that continue to inspire me. He would always act from a place of charity. One thing I will always hold dear to my heart is how he would always remind me “You can always find money. It’s life you should be searching for.”


If you never met Terry, I invite you into his halo.

Along with my grandmother, Terry opened the Colorado Springs cornerstone music and glass shop EarthPig Music. Located on the westside of C. Springs, this family shop has been thriving for over 20 years, all built on a dream and my grandfathers extensive music collection. My grandpa started collecting music when he was just 13 and that passion has inspired all members of my family and helped to create the love and music my we all live for. We’re all a little rock & roll and I thank him for that. His collection of music was far beyond actually holding onto a prime mint piece of vinyl. The man ate music. He understood it and knew it through and through. I always feel like if he wanted to, he could have been a professor on rock and roll music and done well teaching students the history and intricacies of  music and it’s value. And that was what was most important, the value of music. Not just the monetary value, but it’s cultural and emotional value. He knew how important music was.

It’s been almost four years since his passing, but he’s still here. He leaves marbles and pennies for my grandma and calls up my name when I’m feeling low. He helps my mom write songs and my cousin be strong in who she is – even if she’s only 7 years old. He taught us so much and continues to every day. Tears fall as I write this, and I know he’s telling me not to cry. I also know he’s going to let me. Terry was and remains to be a very, very good man.


I miss you everyday grandpa. Thank you for continuing to support me in all I do.

I love you.

| namaste |


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