The Beloved Brotherhood :सनम बन्धुत्व

सनम Beloved: One who is dearly loved; darling, dear, precious, esteemed.

बन्धुत्व Brotherhood: The relationship between brothers

Brother : Male born of the same parents.

Parent being defined as the Source from which something is derived.

Source defined here as Universal Life Source; force behind all material earth, atmosphere, and heaven; the essence of the Universe;  (om)



I’ve always been one of the girls in a pack of boys. From my skateboarding days at the sweet age of 14 to those I break bread with at Sunday Brunch, I’ve always been exposed to the brotherhood. I feel lucky to never had felt like the girl in the pack of boys, but have always felt that brotherly love as though I’m just about one of the boys. (I won’t say I am just one of the boys, definitely far from it.) It’s men like this that have allowed me to always forget my gender and just be who I am. Not that I lose my femininity, but that the experience and expression of it is just the natural balance to their masculine expressions. They’ve made it so I have a strong and rich understanding of masculinity and a sweet experience of true love from good men. It’s the men of my brotherhood that have stood up for me, come to my rescue, backed me bravely, believed in me whole-heartedly, and treated me as a true equal in life, experience, and trust.

It’s these men that I am honored to present to you this month. As we move into winter, we all connect deeper into mother earth and our gatherer energies. It’s here I invite us to balance out this feminine energy by celebrating the hunter in each of our lives – the masculine – the men – the brotherhood. The Beloved Brotherhood series will highlight men I’ve come to know, embrace, celebrate and bond together with. As with The Bliss Sisters series, I haven’t had the privilege to meet them all in person, but whatever connection we have, I can say that they are truly part of a brotherhood of very strong, very good men.

Thank you for your love. Your support. Your inspiration. Your kindness. Your Brotherhood.

| namaste |


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