सच्चिदानन्द भगिनी : The Blissful Sisterhood

सच्चिदानन्द  Bliss : Perfect Happiness, Great Joy

भगिनी Sister : Female born of the same parents.

Parent being defined as the Source from which something is derived.

Source defined here as Universal Life Source; force behind all material earth, atmosphere, and heaven; the essence of the Universe;  (om)

Bliss Sister Series

Photo: Shayanne Gal @shayannigens



I could go on forever…

This in no way concludes the Bliss Sisters series. In reality, it only starts the conversation. This series has been an amazing opportunity for me to connect more honestly with some of the women I’ve known and loved as well as some women I long to know but love as sisters of bliss seeking, living, and inspiring. By unearthing the treasures that they are, I hope to not only spread their light, but motivate all of us to take a moment and appreciate, celebrate, and rejoice in the women that bring us inspiration – no matter how deep the connection may feel. Acknowledging A connection is what inspires us to grow, to create, and to continue to tap in and connect deeper. When you take a moment to look beyond yourself and ask why it is you gravitate toward one person over another, you start to acknowledge the composition of your own tribe and the energy not only that you seek, but that you emit. The longer you reflect on this truth, the faster the energy coming in and going out multiplies. Before you know it – your tribe starts to take shape before your eyes. Whether you tell the world or just the person, I invite you to take  moment to tell the people that inspire you that they do just that. To thank them simply for being and let them know you’ve been paying attention.




A month is hardly any time to share all of the women in my life they way they deserve. Though their stories will emerge in due time, I do want to take a moment to send out love and light to so many Bliss Sisters. Lend them all your eyes, your ears, and your hearts – they are all part of our Blissful Sisterhood.















Photo: Tash

Follow along for next months inspiration series – The Beloved Brotherhood – where I will be highlighting some of the amazing men I’ve come to know and love as true inspirations. As always, Coffee Contemplations and Yoga thoughts popping up throughout the month as well!


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