Meet Cynthia.

Cynthia was my ride to the S.N. Goenka Vipassana Retreat in Joshua Tree this past September. We were both going out to the retreat for the first time and she was gracious enough to swoop me up. I don’t know how these things come to pass, but I somehow managed to get in the car with a tribes woman. With a bliss sister.

We left a bit late and arrived to the retreat center just as silence was beginning. We were put in the same dorm room and immediately dove into our meditation without really getting a chance to meet anyone else at the center. After such a joyful meeting, it was rather intense diving right in and behaving as though the other wasn’t there. And Cynthia – well she was in it to win it. She maintained complete noble silence – not making eye contact, gesturing, or acknowledging anyone else’s presence – including my own. I, on the other hand, was all smiles and holding doors.. in a way far less “inside” than she was… But on day 10 – when we were once again allowed to speak, Cynthia and I were all belly laughs and tears. We talked through every similarity including hearing R.Kelly play in our heads (totally random), every impulse, every difference.

If you don’t know Cynthia, I invite you into her fire ring.


Cynthia is a firecracker. She’s spicy, passionate, powerful and what’s more – she’s fearless in so many ways. Though we all have our struggles, Cynthia is a power house and remains to be an inspiration to me. She’s a nurse working her dream job in labor and delivery. Her passion and excitement for babies, for delivery, for caring and connecting with new mothers is almost palpable.. they’re almost tangible. Her love for this is pure and knowing she’s just landed her dream job doing should get you just as excited as she is. Meeting people who are actively doing what they love fills the space they occupy with glee.

Cynthia is also purchasing her first house. At the young age of 28, I can’t identify anything much more inspiring than an strong, independent and fearless woman laying claim to her life, planting roots, and making her home. Not only that – she’s found her dream house where she can hang ariel silks in the windows and practice her art…

Put all of that together and you get the joyful, smiling Cynthia. I’m so so lucky to have gotten a ride with such an inspiring woman and now – I’m blessed enough to continue to have her in my life to keep me inspired, motivated, and connected. image1

Thank you Cynthia.

| namaste |


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