Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 3.42.57 PMMeet @theneshamaproject

Rachelle is awesome. I first found her when a friend linked me to a giveaway she was having.. The prize, one of her beautiful Opal Hamsa necklaces. It was during my recovery period after hip surgery and the perfect time to bring protection into my life by way of writing.. The challenge – define the word Soul. What a beautiful challenge to present to people. Inviting people to go inside and truly explore the definition of one of the things we often associate with being human. It’s not an easy answer, and the more I think about it, the more I recognize it’s a necessary one to find and hold with you everyday. Now, over a year later, I still follow @theneshamaproject for daily doses of true inspiration and joy. This is about a lot more than an opal necklace.

If you don’t know Rachelle, I invite you into her world.


Rachelle Tratt is the founder of The Neshama Project. Neshama means soul, and it’s with this intention in mind that Rachelle sources beautiful hamsa necklaces from Israel and spreads the healing and protective hand across the world. Partnered with Innovation: Africa, the proceeds of each sale helps bring Israeli technology to developing countries throughout Africa, providing lighting, clean water, power, and other modern necessities to those who need it most. Her story of connecting with these amazing little necklaces is spectacular and inspiring as her journey has taken her to Israel and around the world helping spread the beauty and power of soul work. Hear it from her ==here==.


Rachelle is also an inspired yoga instructor in Venice, CA and has recently lead a really inspired yoga retreat through the Spiritual Mecca of the world.  “You are invited on a ten-day soulful adventure in the setting of Israel’s finest and most magical landscapes. You may wonder, what does a soulful adventure mean? It is an opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone, adventure to a new destination, and experience the local culture. A soulful adventure is also an opportunity to celebrate your mind, body, and soul.”

Magic indeed. Not only that, when you encounter her presence – even just as I have (via Instagram) – you can feel her joy, soul, celebration, and love from afar. She’s full of powerful intention, purpose, and love as I often hope my life will unfold. She’s a strong reminder of the power of women, of conversation, of community, and of supporting those causes that help make the world a better place. A reminder of S O U L.

It’s my honor to celebrate Rachelle here. Having that beautiful hamsa fall near my heart everyday is a constant reminder to connect with my own soul and work toward always making this world a better place to be. Having never actually met her, I feel it’s been an honor to follow her journey and I cannot wait to see and hear more from her. She’s one of those that inspires by doing. By being.

Give her your eyes ==here==

Give her your heart ==hear==

Get a Hamsa ==HERE!==

Thank you Rachelle.

| namaste |



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