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Meet @jeriwarlickjewelry7

The way Jeri came into my life is rather serendipitous indeed. I often spend a moment around the new year in Moab, UT to allow myself space and time for reflection before starting over. The vastness of Arches National Park paired with the bizarre quirky nature of the town of Moab brings me a sense of infinite insignificance and belonging. In 2013, I found myself having coffee and breakfast at one of Moab’s tiny wonders when Jeri and her beautiful family walked in the door. We started talking about the freezing cold temperatures, the city, the park, our travels. At the time, I had just decided to move to Seattle (will probably still make it someday) and low and behold, Jeri and her family were on their way to Seattle from Arkansas. We exchanged information and I told her I would see her when I got to Seattle. Though I never actually made it that far north, Jeri and I have remained connected. We collaborate, share, and embrace one another’s amazing talents. What a magical little moment in a strange little town that has brought me this beautiful connection.


If you don’t know Jeri, I invite you to dive into her world. Like so many of these bliss sisters, I’ve found the list of offerings for Jeri to be long and deep. Though I will not touch on them all here, I encourage you to find out more about this beautiful sister.

Jeri is the owner of  Jeri Warlick Jewelry and CHAKRA LOVE jewelry lines. Her hand made pieces use stones and design to  connect to the 7 different chakras in the body, helping the gypsy wearing them find a bit more balance and connect with their inner God and Goddess. She graciously sent me one that I wear every single day – without fail. “Jeri works primarily with crystal energy and Gaia, the Earth’s natural energy. She purposely designs her art to evoke the highest vibration of healing love and light at a soul level.” I can completely attest to this. Beautiful materials, beautiful craftsmanship, beautiful design, beautiful intention and beautiful energy, I have to say it’s among my absolute favorite lines.  The line of energy talisman that use various stones to bring about balance and healing are among my favorite.


A mother, a wife, a sister, a CEO, a designer, an architect, a healer, a community builder, and a babe – I am so very lucky to have stumbled into that tiny cafe in Moab and met Jeri. Her commitment to healing, to connecting, to sharing, and to supporting those that she meets is a blessing. Her joy is evident and her intentions are pure. It’s a true honor to have her in my life.


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Thank you Jeri.

(Thank you Moab)



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