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RianMeet @frostedolive

About a year ago, Rian and I started following each other on Instagram. I was going through some intense personal growth and change and she tagged along patiently with all my rambling posts about healing. In May of this year, Rian and I became pen pals and she’s become an enduring inspiration both in my daily instagram fix and beyond. We’ve talked over all the things that life has thrown our way. We’ve explored the possibilities and impossibilities of being human and come to our own – very similar – conclusions. She’s strong, agile, unstoppable, and inspired and I’m honored to have her in my life and lucky to have her welcome me into hers. Her contagious smirk and adorable son are just icing on the cake.

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 9.39.45 PM

If you don’t know Rian, I invite you into her halo.

Rian is a inspired and powerful writer. Her words capture truth, struggle, pain, joy and growth in a way that speaks to all beings that have ever taken the time to remember they are alive. She’s absolutely fearless and takes to the paper (ok I know it’s digital, whatEVER) with a purpose. She’s got a story to tell and it’s one that we all need to hear because it not only inspires, but it keeps us connected to our own truth. She’s really a true inspiration of what power resides inside the human and the woman heart. The gift of her tale and the invitation to join her journey is honest. I cannot thank her enough for that.

She remains to be a beautiful inspiration to me every day and I hope you take the time to pop by and see what she’s all about.

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Give her a read ==here==

Give her a look-see ==here==

Thank you Rian.

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