The Coffee Contemplations – Vol. VI : Yoga Sutra 2.1

tapaḥsvādhyāyeśvarapraṇidhānāni kriyāyogaḥ

neil krug heart

This week has truly been all about self-discovery to allow us all to come to one final conclusion – we are not the masters of everything we do. I find this understanding to be rather liberating…the clear acceptance that hey – it’s ok if you’re not good at everything. How freeing is that!?

Throughout the week, all my practices have been dedicated to opening up the heart to allow the self to accept the reality of this world and the work that we all face as we move forward. By embracing it all, we are able to see that even destruction is an act of creation. That we can continue to explore our edges and learn more and more about ourselves, but do so with love and compassion nestled behind our movements and actions. That we can accept ourselves as we truly exist – with an honest and clear perception of ourselves. It takes practice. It isn’t easy to just say OK – I accept. We have to experience these things first hand and learn them in our own ways. We cannot just blindly acknowledge anything as a truth, we must come face to face with the monster if we are going to ever understand it.

I invite you to open your heart and mind to the possibility of accepting your true self. I invite you to simply explore the possibility of being who you are without regret, fear, or worry. I invite you to love yourself without shame- because YOU deserve your love the most.

If you haven’t explored the Yoga Sutras by Patanjali, this ancient yoga text outlines the principles of any true yoga practice. It introduces us to the real gifts that yoga offers us when we are willing to do the work. Check it out ++here++!!

| namaste |



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