== Mikki Sage ==

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Meet @sagelove

Mikki Sage… Mikki Sage.

I first met Mikki about 3 years ago. I was working at Luma Pictures and her husband was about to come on board as my supervisor. As we were planning the annual Halloween party, Chris brought her to me to help wrangle the whole thing together. (We’ll talk more about Chris in the Beloved Brothers Series – coming in November!) I had put together a couple parties, but nothing like what we were hoping that years party would be and Mikki knew all the right moves to put movable parts together, in motion. She connected me with bartenders, bouncers and designers… her input helped shape what would become my main project and success while I was at Luma (they are off the ==HOOK==).

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It wasn’t until about half a year later that I got to start to really know Mikki and what she is all about. The more I learn, the more I want to know about this mystical creature. She’s a presence akin only to the sun. She brings in light and warms every space. Like morning glories, I find we all turn to her and open up with eager acceptance of her gifts. She keeps me inspired to continue to glow… to radiate out. I can only hope that one day I will glow as brightly as she does.


If you don’t know Mikki, I invite you into her sunshine.

The list of Mikki’s offerings is a long one and I honestly cannot even begin to scratch the surface here. What I can offer you is a glimpse into the woman connects so many and invite you to look for yourself.

Mikki is a community builder. Her ability to bring people together is really quite something special. She’s organized a huge range of conscious community events from intimate tea ceremonies to her beautifully sweet event, The Chocolate Invitational. Her passion for happy people, happy communities, and a healthy planet are evident in all of the work that she has dedicated her life to and that… well that is an obvious inspiration. She is one of the reasons that I have the experience of tea medicine in my life and for that I cannot thank her enough. Her warmth, brightness, and radiance compel people around her to listen, to join in, and to contribute in a very honest way. Her gatherings are an expression of pure joy and it’s always a true pleasure to be a part of any of them. The way she builds is something that I think we all can learn from.

Mikki is a writer and photographer. As the writer and curator for the Sage website Haus of Sages, she brings to light all the beautiful things about Venice, CA and the community that it houses. Haus of Sages is a beautiful collection of reviews, interviews, inspirations, art and community sharing that keeps people connected, invites people into the community, and highlights all the beautiful things about that small corner of the world. To me, it’s a place where Mikki generously shares these gifts and talents with the world and inspires communities to come together, to go outside, and to connect. She’s the main inspiration for this website you’re on right now..

Photo by Koa : http://www.luna13.com

Mikki keeps me fueled, inspired, and supported in ways I cannot begin to list. Her joyful energy and brilliant smile draw me to her, even from far away. Her generosity and dedication push me to constantly be a better person. For all of this, I don’t actually know how to thank her other than to continue to build and share in my own small corner of the world.

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Give her your heart ==here==

Thank you Mikki.



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