== Amanda Jade ==


Meet @amandajadegaffney

Amanda and I connected via Instagram just a short month ago, but it’s been one of those whirlwind celebrations of connection that only happen once in a rare while. This girl is a firework shot into the dark, winter nights sky. We’ve never met in person – but we both just seem to know we will. She’s a celebration of life – radiant and contagious. Her life is an inspired one to aspire to.213

When we connected, Amanda had sent me an email of joyful gratitude about having found one another on the old Insta and there was something keen and pure about her expression. I knew I had to share her joy with the world. It’s such a rare thing these days for people to freely express love to a stranger, and I am so honored to have this experience with her. She’s just completed a HUGE relocation from SoCal to NorCal and the fearlessness of this adventure has me itching to hit the road. Without a much of a clue as what to truly expect, she packed up and started her life anew. Watching her evolve is fuel – true Soul Food. I love watching her life unfold in little snippets everyday. Her dedication to finding truth keeps me searching because I know we’re both destined to find it.


If you don’t know Amanda Jade, I want to bring you into her brightness.

She’s got a smile that will light up the dark side of the moon.

She plays with herbs and foods up North – working her way to becoming a healer. I can often feel her energy from far away, so I know that she’ll be able to change the world. We could use more beauty like hers. You know how you can just see “it” in some people..? That true joy? That unfiltered bliss? That magic? You can FEEL it in her. Her glow. Her truth. Her bliss. These things pour from her in such a way, you may wonder if there was something you missed when learning what happiness means. She’s got this rich and genuine way about her that cannot be contained, and I am so thankful to her for that.

I hope you get to know Amanda along with me. She’s a sparkle. A flash. A crashing wave and ocean spray.

Follow her journey ==here==

Thank you mamas.



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