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Meet @catenotkate


When I met her about 5 or so years ago, she was Kate. And Kate and I shared a bedroom in a 4 person apartment in Koreatown, L.A. That first 9 months of living together were all over the place, as I assume is true for anyone at 22; especially in a new city…especially in Los Angeles.  I’ll tell myself that if I have to. And Kate was starving for her voice to cover the world in drippy melodies. She worked jobs no one likes and sang in the shower before auditions or class. We took pictures in our closet and sang Pursuit of Happiness in the living room. But LA., you bitch, isn’t an easy town for anyone and after our short time together, Kate was gone.


It wasn’t until about 2011 that I met Cate. She’d moved back to Chicago, cut off all that curly hair and started over. It’s then I met my soul sister – an inspiration to truly behold. She had changed so much about herself in that short year in the windy city and emerged from the fogginess of adolescence into the woman she was becoming.. I’d say when we reconnected, but that’s not really true. No, I would say when we connected, we instantly understood that there is a kindred reality to our friendship. Our hearts have deemed the others’ necessary to make it through this life. You rarely get a second chance with a human being that’s left your life in an uncertain way. It’s such a profoundly introspective moment when someone you knew becomes someone you truly know. I’m honored to now call her one of my dearest and closest friends.

If you don’t know Cate, I invite you into her orbit.


She’s got this voice that drips like melting ice cream around your fingers on a hot summer day. It carries down corridors and fills space.. it holds space. It gives you shivers that fit so righteously, the Hokey Pokey could become gospel. There is something very special and honest about her voice that keeps me wanting to listen over and over.. to play only songs she knows the words to when we’re on road trips.. She sings the way we all wish we could. Sensually, deeply, naturally, impulsively, organically… spiritually. A siren.. she’s  not afraid to use it. I’m so grateful to her for that.

She’ll teach you about true, unconditional love. Brutally honest; her love is pure and true. Anyone that knows her will tell you the same.. I’m sure of it. She’s the kind of no bullshit bestie every girl is on the hunt for. She supports fully and deeply. She remembers, she celebrates, she embraces… she truly loves. This is reflected in everything that she does. When she loves you – there’s no getting around it… you know it through and through.. bones to bones.

This is my Bliss Sister – the one that reminded me what it’s like to be a woman, an artist, and a sister.

Thank you Cate.

 Give her your ears  ==here== 

Give her your eyes  ==here==

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