Bliss Sisters : सच्चिदानन्द भगिनी

सच्चिदानन्द  Bliss : Perfect Happiness, Great Joy

भगिनी Sister : Female born of the same parents.

Parent being defined as the Source from which something is derived.

Source defined here as Universal Life Source; force behind all material earth, atmosphere, and heaven; the essence of the Universe;  (om)

Bliss Sisters

Photo By: Katrín Lilja Ólafsdóttir The Weird Girls Project


This time of the year is always full of it’s own strange dilemma, conflicts, let downs, frustrations and freak outs. Don’t lie.. you know you’ve said a WTF once or twice in the past few weeks…. This time of year has it’s own special kind of difficulties and trials. As Mercury prepares to go into retrograde (again… read more here with MYSTICMAMMA) and the world loses it’s interest in clear communication, we may all begin to panic. If we’re lucky, we have people in our lives to keep us grounded, inspired, focused and laughing… really laughing.

Over the course of the month of October, I will be posting short stories, inspirations, and notes about some of my oldest & newest – all dearest – Bliss Sisters. These are the women that I have come to know in one capacity or another that provide me that balance when I need it the most…. in all honesty, most of them I have actually never met in person. All of them have given me such amazing inspiration, companionship, and joy that I wanted to share their radiance. I look forward to connecting with more Bliss Sisters as we move forward to the end of this year and into the next.

Thank you for your love. Your support. Your inspiration. Your kindness. Your BLISS!!

| namaste |


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