New Beginnings : an offering

It’s time my friends. I can’t help but discuss it..

Today marks Rosh Hashanah, the New Moon in Libra, and the first (Wednesday) of fall… there is a lot of transition in the air. It’s a portal – a gateway – an invitation for self reflection and the setting of new intentions for the coming months.

Tonight, I plan on honoring this transition with mint milk tea, sacred space holding, and meditation.

Here – I offer these healing practices to you as a gift for your love, support and beauty. When you get home today, unwind with a warm bath and meditate with the warm mint milk tea and enjoy. Reflect in quiet on the year so far, on where you want to go and set your intentions there. The winter is coming, but you, you remain as bright as ever.

Love and Light,



Chocolate Mint Tea : Libra New Moon

Chocolate Mint Tea does not have chocolate in it my friends, though, you will be my friend if you add some and share. This mint tea recipe is delightful and warming. It clears the back of the palette while warming through the body and knocking out the most powerful sweet tooth (mine is out of control). Enjoy tonight as you reflect on the year thus far and celebrate your life. You deserve celebration.


One bunch Chocolate Mint (peppermint works ok too, but Chocolate Mint is the winner in my mouth)

2 TBS honey (or less depending on taste)

1/2 cup almond milk

2.5 cups cold water

1 tsp sesame oil (optional – especially if you have a tendency to be a bit more vata, use to increase some heat for the winter that approaches.)

photo 2

Making tea is fun!

Trim the leaves from the stems, clean thoroughly and toss the whole bunch in a saucepan with the water.

Allow for the water to come to a low boil, remove from heat.

photo 3

Watched pots never boil, so in the meantime, in a separate tea pot, mix milk and honey.

photo 4

Pour hot mint tea into the separate pot with honey and almond milk. Add sesame oil.

photo 1

Sir until everything marries, pour in a mug.

photo 5

Lift mug to lips, inhale positivity and intention.

Take a sip and exhale fear and worry.




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