Every day this week has had it’s own theme.. I suppose that’s how life works..

This morning, I woke up and made some coffee, did a little work, did a little yoga, cleaned a little and then sat quietly to reflect on the changes that have come to me over the past few days.. It’s only been a few days for me in the bay.. that’s real talk.

I opened my eyes to the day and finally realized that all is right. Even things that aren’t going the way I thought they would have by now – they’re right. I took a few deep breaths with this idea resting on my tongue and smiled.

This is called joy. That internal and eternal understanding that you are always in the right place at the right time – even if things feel less than “ideal” in perception. Even if there is doubt or uncertainty. Even if you’re at your edge and feel the fear and anxiousness growing, you are in the right place. Taking the time to believe this idea of always in the right place – to know it – and to cultivate it in the mind and body allows us to feel joy – no matter the circumstance. No matter how upside down or backward or enormous or exciting  or impossible it seems – we are in the right place.

Take a moment with me this week to remember you are in the right place. Right now. Reading this because you need to be.

Close your eyes and repeat to yourself “I am right. I am right. This is right. This is right.” When you open your eyes – you just might see it.





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