My Commitment to Change


This life is a trip. 

This morning, I awoke in Oakland on the path to my new life. It’s a wild thing waking up and realizing this is it – you’re not waking up “there” anymore. 

I spent the day biking around the east bay, Berkeley and back, listening to music and making the most of the new experience. Trying to see as much as possible before diving into this new life fully. This evening, I made a visit to Mystic Mamma to see what is in store, and man… she always hits the nail on the head.

FOCUS is like putting a spotlight on something. BOUNDARIES are there to insure that what is not under the spotlight does not interfere. 

Just what I needed to hear..

Boundaries and focus are her highlighted goals for the month of August, and they couldn’t be better timed. I’ve left so much behind in the past few days to allow myself to start down the path as a healer and work with my own dharma for a life fulfilled, and I know that the habits I have to break are allowing others to make my future for me. Allowing others to tell me what I should be and how I should get there by not setting clear boundaries and saying no when it’s not feeding my highest good. I have a lot to offer, but I’m also a bit too easy going, which can lead to being taken advantage of and steered off my desired or intended path. Luckily, it’s never in a bad direction – just not MY direction. I want a specific life for myself and it is going to require my attention and focus to manifest it. I can do it – I just have to – no one can do it for me. That is where the lesson lies. 

As you move into the future and experience change for yourself (and I have a feeling most of us are experience big changes), remember yourself. We’re all on our own spiritual journeys, striving for what can most elevate us to our most sacred existence. In all the shuffling and changing that happens everyday, it feels sometimes like the sacred is outside of us and we’re reaching to something external. Making boundaries and bringing truth and the path into focus, you’ll be reminded that the sacred is internal. That you are not reaching out or reaching in, but simply creating the safest space for your truth to radiate and spin powerfully. Just as the Flower of Life, you and the world and all that is are all connected, swirling in and out of focus. Remember your truth and encircle it with light. Remember your boundaries and your unadulterated dharma. Don’t succumb to anyone else’s ideal of you – because you are your best guiding light as long as you remember your truth. Write it on your hands, tape it to your computer, paint it on the wall – do you. Only ever do you. 

Namaste beautiful yogis. 


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