• used of something that represents a bond between two parties.

To connect. To bond. This is the purpose of any yoga practice.. The sanskrit term YOGA is actually translated to mean to yoke. 

But what are we connecting? There are so many possibilities and all the answers are correct. 

Breath to movement. 

Mind to body.

Body to spirit.

Hands to earth. 

Person to Spirit. 

Self to Self. 

Intention to action. 

When we make our way through our asana practice, we’re unearth all the challenges that life presents us while learning how to consciously, carefully, patiently and compassionately move through each position into the next. Whether the pose is stretching us to our limit (but NEVER beyond – please!), causing muscles to fatigue, or promoting our minds to wander away from the present moment because it’s challenging, this practice asks us to stay. To feel the challenge and the difficulty and know – not just think, but truly KNOW – that we are strong enough. We’re actively connecting to our minds, our spirits and will power, and our bodies, bringing them all together toward one common goal – ease and stability in challenging postures.

It’s not hard to see how this then translates into our daily lives. When faced with difficult decisions, challenges at work or with family, or feeling stretched to the limits emotionally, we now have the tools of breath, connectedness and compassion to stay in the present moment and feel our way through it. Instead of breaking down under the weight, we elevate to the challenge because we have learned and remembered that we are strong enough. If we fall over in our headstand or emotionally break down in a conversation or get hit with waves of frustration at work, we can come back, reconnect to ourselves, and try again. Over and over. This practice results in a quieting of self-doubt and shame, allowing us to be at peace, even in the most arduous of circumstances.

This is why so many people come to the mat. Everyday, thousands of people come to class and meet their mats for a chance to remember who they are and how strong they can be. In this space, there is safety to really understand what it means to live, love, and be well.


Connecting all parts of the entire person to move toward emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental balance and health. All of it takes practice of course, but connecting into community filled with inspired and inspiring humans allows each individual person the space and clarity to keep working toward their own individual wellness goals and needs. I’m honored and excited to say that as of August 1st, I’ll be hopping on board with the amazing women and men of YogaKula in Berkeley to help bring their offerings of wellness out into community. I’ll be there to help yoke. Help connect you to them, them to you, and us to ourselves through events, celebrations, and workshops and I could not be more excited or inspired! Talk about people who can help you connect… help you yoke!!

Follow me on a journey to the self~! I’ll be posting updates of the path with insights and fun facts. 


There’s something happening here. 🙂





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